The Curious Case of Gregory Hamilton

Today, the Bench Trial Court will make their ruling in the case of Lone Star V. Gregory Hamilton.

Evidence and arguments were heard this morning in the case of Lone Star V. Gregory Hamilton. The case was about Gregory Hamilton, who was separated from his wife and going through divorce. At the time of his divorce, Gregory was seeing two other women, Cynthia Stone and Joye Walford. Both women had access to Gregory’s house but did not know about each other.

At some point, a missing person’s report was filed for Cynthia Stone. Gregory was questioned about Cynthia’s disappearance after his fingerprints were found in her home. Gregory stated that he had no relationship with Cynthia whatsoever.

Gregory’s brother, Michael Hamilton, testified for the prosecution. Michael admitted to helping Gregory dispose of Cynthia’s dead body in exchange for 25,000 dollars. Cynthia’s body was wrapped in a rug and was dumped 12 miles into the Gulf of Mexico.

Michael admitted to testifying to reduce his own sentence. Recently, Michael was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the trafficking of cocaine.

Michael was told by the prosecution that if he provided information regarding the case against his brother his sentence would be reduced. Michael also admitted to being under the influence of cocaine during the night of the incident.

Michael claims that Gregory was there with them on the boat and that he heard a moan come from the carpet wrapped body before he threw it overboard. Gregory’s fingerprints were found on the flashlight in the boat. Gregory claims he has been on the boat many times before and his fingerprints could be from a previous boating trip.

Gregory Hamilton took the stand testifying that he was at a baseball game the night of Cynthia’s disappearance. Joye was at Gregory’s home that evening when Cynthia arrived. Cynthia was very angry and felt that Joye was what was keeping her relationship with Gregory from advancing. Cynthia then reached into her handbag for a pistol and, out of self defense, Joye grabbed a fireplace tool and struck Cynthia, killing her.

Gregory testified that Joye called him for help. Gregory arrived at the scene to find Cynthia dead and a firearm in Cynthia’s purse. Gregory admitted to disposing of the fireplace tools and to wrapping the body in a carpet. Gregory paid his brother 25 thousand dollars to dump the body it in the Gulf of Mexico.

The prosecution, however, argued that Gregory committed the murder and covered it up to preserve his reputation when he realized people may find out about his two girlfriends. They argued that Gregory is exploiting the fact that Joye works for him to get her to testify to his cover story.

The evidence has been presented and and the the judge will reach his verdict around 3:30 pm this afternoon.

Author: Jacob Becker

Sacramento Central