The Final Rounds of IAC

On the final day of Sacramento for the IAC, the remaining groups presented their proposals. All groups in the program area were given different tracks, some including women, natural resources, and Russia.

The groups were to come up with a proposal based on a problem that had to do with their track. For example, a group with the Russia track came up with a proposal on how to stop sex trafficking.

By the end of the day, these groups will slowly be eliminated until there is one remaining group for each track. The group that wins gets a celebration at tonight’s Governor’s Banquet.

Solutions to these problems this morning dealt with bees, boy scouts, palm oil and sex trafficking. In order to come up with these solutions, groups decided on a problem they found very prominent within their track. After doing this, the track groups were to come up with a solution to that problem.

IAC is known by many as one of the hardest program areas because delegates are attempting to find solutions to significant international issues. Most of the problems they are dealing with in the program are problems that the general population is struggling to find solutions to in the real world. Not only do the delegates in the program have to come up with solutions, but those solutions also have to be achievable.

Author: Jessica Wright