The NIC Process

NIC – The National Issues Commission. But how well do you really know this small program area?

The NIC process starts with delegates each writing a proposal to pitch at their commissions. These proposals then go through three highly competitive preliminary rounds, each of which cuts out half of the proposals.

These proposals are judged on criteria of National Importance, Possibility, Evidence of Research, Creativity, and Debatability. After this, all of the NIC commissions meet in a General Assembly, where together they debate and choose the best of the best. The result a final group of proposals, sure to be important, feasible, and highly debatable for an intense GA session.

The NIC is a unique program area in that each delegate gets the opportunity to write and pitch their own proposals instead of working on a bill with a small group of people. A proposal is similar to a bill, but covers issues outside of California.

Throughout the Sacramento NIC sessions, delegates debate over proposals and pass the best of them on to a General Assembly session. According to one advisor, this competitive environment lets delegates work hard on ideas that they really care about, and sparks a passion in delegates that might not have much exposure to politics and government in general.

Author: Winston Moore

SDSC/Magdalena Ecke