The Sacramento Convention Center: Where the Magic Happens

Sacramento Convention Center main entrance.

The Sacramento Convention Center holds Youth and Government together. It connects students from Northern and Southern California, freshman and seniors, and people of multiple racial and ethnic backgrounds by placing us all under the same roof.

The students in the YMCA Youth and Government program are constantly bustling around and working hard for their individual projects, program areas, and delegations. Each delegate is separated into a smaller program area, and usually into a smaller sub-committee, to complete their specific assignments.

The fact that the delegates in the Youth and Government program are so split up and isolated bring forward an important question: What holds all the delegates together? The answer is one large building, the Sacramento Convention Center.

The Sacramento Convention Center holds our Governor’s Ball, joint sessions, multiple program areas, and entertainment during the night. The convention center is a whopping 137,000 square feet and conveniently located near the Capitol Building, restaurants, and the hotels most delegates are staying in for the week.

Throughout Y and G’s stay in Sacramento, over three thousand delegates will enter and exit this building.

While some may say the Convention center is just a building, it holds the program together. The convention center holds joint session, where every student in the program converges to listen to inspirational speeches and vote for the political positions.

“It is amazing how many times we use the convention center and I am really glad it is just there for us to use,” says Joseph Keifer from NCDM. The convention center also houses multiple program areas where delegates can get their work done in their individual committees and groups.

Students hurrying through the convention center

Lastly, the Sacramento Convention Center holds entertainment at night for all delegates. These events include a bounce house night, and the famous dance where delegates “turn up” to their favorite songs.


Author: Layson Savant

Newport-Corona del Mar