Travel Struggles

By Anaisse Rivero and Brianna Benford

Media delegates from Group 3 went around the streets of Downtown Sacramento to interview delegates who had experienced a unique journey to the capital. These delegates shared the horrors of their bus ride–one thing they’d have changed about their trip–and described their first day.

Tommy Holmes of the CCY Delegation said, “My bus broke down and I wish I had more snacks,” making it apparent that CCY delegates had a rough trip to Downtown Sacramento. On the bright side, Holmes did say that he’d had a fun first day.

Olivia Rubin from the East Valley Family YMCA had a similar experience. Rubin said, “Our bus ride took so long.” She also told reporters that she wished that the bathroom on her bus was working properly. Olivia did, however, admit that she’d made a lot of friends.

Kevin Moreno, President of the North Valley YMCA, told reporters, “We had to be at our Y at about 12 am for us to leave and finally arrive in Downtown Sacramento at 6 am this morning.” He suggested the delegation take flights instead, saying that it might have made their trip an easier, more positive experience. Moreno ended his interview on a positive note, saying that his first day here in Sacramento has been, “laid back and super fun.”

Jennifer Um from the CCY Delegation, on the other hand, described her travel experience as positive. Um said, “I really wanted to be able to cheer in the joint sessions here in Sacramento.” She also said that she had a super adventurous and fun-filled day with lots of free time.

Author: Anaisse Rivero

East Valley Family YMCA