Veteran Delegates Reflect on Their Experiences in the Legislative Houses

For veteran Youth and Government delegates, the return to Sacramento has a nearly ritualistic quality. It is a time to reflect on years past and look forward to the days to come. To outsiders and new delegates, this may seem perplexing. However, returners to Youth and Government understand clearly the incredible experiences that this program can provide. Today, Team 1 reporters spoke to past delegates in the Senate and Assembly programs to find out what has made their experience so special.

Current Clerk of the Gold Assembly, Devon Cohen of the Newport Corona Del Mar delegation, a senior who has served in the legislative houses since joining the program three years ago, told reporters about the most interesting experience he has had in the Assembly: former Youth Governor Nicolas Gardner’s veto of the so-called “Death Star Bill.” This bill is a piece of legislation that would have had the State of California build a multi-trillion dollar defense satellite to act as a deterrent to foreign aggressors. “It was really humanizing to me. You always hear that oh, the governor is a politician, they’re so corrupt and robotic, but hearing Nico walk in to the Imperial March really put it into perspective, he definitely was not a robot,” Cohen said.

Renata Robins, a senior from the Palisades-Malibu delegation, spoke with reporters about her experience in the Senate last year as well. When asked about the highlights of her time in the Senate, several moments came to mind. “I remember this one time when we were in the Senate chambers and it was the end of the week, I think. Colin was the presiding officer and he got so touched by someone who had come up to talk about LGBT rights, and he was just sharing his own story. It was just a really magical atmosphere,” said Robins. She also described getting her bill through committee, and told reporters about a relationship that was created through her time in the Senate. “When my friend and I had to wait 2 hours for the legislature advisors to figure out a disorganized mess, we ended up having a really good time chatting with these two SDSC delegates,” she added.