What Factors Affect A Delegate’s Decision On Who To Vote For?

With elections right around the corner, delegates must pay close attention to who they plan to vote for. With each delegate comes a different set of morals and interests.

Five delegates were interviewed on what they thought was the most important factor of a candidate’s campaign. Spencer Egbert from the San Luis Obispo County YMCA said, “definitely their platform has a huge part in it” and “if there platform is something that I can support.”

Other delegates also felt this way. Carolee Hagey from the SDSC/ La Jolla delegation responded, “I really look at their platform and what real action they are actually gonna bring to the program.”

Other delegates believe that speeches are the biggest influence in making a decision about which candidate will get their vote. “It’s definitely their speeches and how they respond to the question,” Mylan Sutton from the El Dorado delegation confirmed.

Based on the delegate interviews, it is evident that some voters are influenced by the candidate’s platform and intended actions, whereas others are looking out for their speeches.

Author: Arianna Martinez

Conejo Valley