What is Con Con?

Con Con is a program area within the Youth & Government program that has delegates rewrite the State Constitution. Delegates have the opportunity to create and debate proposals. Earlier in the sessions delegates were given the chance to stand up and either be devil’s advocate or promote the outline bill for it to pass. During today’s three hour session, they debated over propositions of free birth control, two years of free education at community colleges, etc.

We asked a fellow delegate on Con Con how he felt about today’s sessions. Citlalli Hernandez was very cooperative with answering our questions about how her meeting went.

“Con Con was very interesting and fun today, everyone was very engaged in the debates today, I would say today we so far had one of our best sessions. It makes me want to rejoin this program area next year. Our lead advisers gave us good guidance and I’m just happy I chose Con Con.”

Citlalli Hernandez will hope to have Con Con next year and loves everything about it. Con Con to her is being able to hear everyone’s opinions on a controversial topic, and it gets everyone energized. This to her makes it exciting for her to be a part of.


Author: Denise Espitia

Ketchum-Downtown LA