What Is IAC?

Simply put, IAC is the International Affairs Commission.

After speaking with several colleagues in the program, it was gathered that IAC deals with multiple tracks (topics) while groups of four work together to find solutions to the issues they find most prominent within their track. Julian Burke of the Albany delegation remarks on IAC tracks as being “women, Russia, and natural resources. Our solutions are on an international level.” In order to solidify those solutions, delegates use agents to make a change.

This program area is one of the hardest and most business-oriented. However, it does a softer side to it. One of the highlights of that soft side is the gala night, a night where delegates try to network with investors, attempting to get as much epsalon, or fake money, as possible. Groups can use this epsalon to buy products to improve their ideas and solutions.

Lauren Romo from El Dorado hills said, “there are many super fun aspects of IAC, but one of the few drawbacks about the program is that it is newer. It is a bit less organized and it’s super structured, which means that the delegates don’t have as much time to do their own thing.”

In addition, Lauren explained how it was occasionally frustrating to only be focused on only three tracks, prioritizing some major issues while leaving out many others.

In general, delegates expressed a liking towards the IAC program area in Youth and Government. The program area gives delegates lots of networking skills, and also allows them to use their problem solving skills on very broad, relevant topics.

Author: Jessica Wright