What is NIC?

NIC consists of advanced public speaking and a unique way of finding what Sid Hirschberg calls “the best of the best.” NIC stands for National Issues Commission, and the program area primarily focuses on issues of national or international importance.

This year the four presiding commissioners are Reni De La Nuez, Sidney Hirschberg, Diego Montoya and Parsa Yazdi. The adversary general is Bennett Christensen. And the administrative clerk is Jonathan Wang.

Every delegate is considered a commissioner, and they each are responsible for researching an issue. With this issue they write a proposal and prepare to give a two-minute speech and present their proposal to a commission hearing, giving each participant great speaking opportunities.

Commissioners argue in favor of their proposals and debate the benefits and flaws in their hearings. Each hearing or round ends with a ranking time to decide who moves to the next round. NIC consists of four rounds. The fourth and final round is known as General Assembly, where the top proposals are presented by the author to everyone in National Issues Commission and their proposals are either passed or shut down.

Hirschberg said NIC searches for “ creativity and uniqueness” all while giving delegates a “very heavy speaking area” to engage in.

“I’ve been in National Issues Commission for three years, and this is my first year as an elected position and NIC has definitely changed my Youth and Government Experience,” he said.