What Makes Forum, Forum?

Reporters interviewed Nikki Arnold- the Lead Volunteer Program Staff for Forum, Tiffany Mosley- Forum Volunteer Staff for the Court Program, and former Forum delegate Jessica Wright from the Albany delegation.

Each of the three were asked why Forum was separated into its own program area, why it was a good idea, and asked Jessica Wright specifically how it helped her through the transition between her freshmen year and her year now.

Both of the staff members share a great passion for helping freshmen figure out exactly how Youth and Government works. Nikki Arnold says, “The reason why we separated Forum out from the sophomore through senior program is to give freshmen delegates an exposure to the whole program.”

“Forum’s really flexible so that people get a taste of everything Youth and Government has to offer in their first year. It gives a good foundation to figure out what program area they’re going to want to do in the larger program” Tiffany Mosley added.

Delegate Jessica Wright was in Forum last year, and transferred to Media this year. She says, “This is harder than I thought it would be… 500 words is a lot words.”

Forum offers many smaller versions of the sophomore through senior year program areas. For example, every group is asked to write a bill on a certain topic that they chose or were put into. In every group, there are different positions that students are given, forum chair/vice chair, media, court, lobbyist, bill sponsor, legislative analyst, and clerk. While writing their bills, all delegates contribute, and later speak on the bill no matter what position they choose. Eventually, everyone comes back together and is placed either in Senate or Assembly. They discuss, debate, and vote on bills exactly like the sophomore through senior program area does.

Every one of the program areas are just models of what all forum delegates will do in their future Y&G careers. Every delegate learns their way through Y&G. Forum is just a little shove in the right direction.