What’s NIC?

The National Issues Commission, NIC, is a program area in the Youth and Government. NIC, similar, but unlike IAC, deals with national issues rather than international issues. In the program, each individual delegate is to come up with their own idea for a bill.

Throughout Sacramento, there are three rounds where certain ideas are eliminated. In the end, only multiples bill ideas remain. The fourth round is the most serious. This round is called the General Assembly which takes place in front of all of NIC. Bills that make it past the third round get added to the scrapbook of recommendations for the Youth Governor to look over.

According to delegates in the program, it is very fun and interesting, but is a lot of work. Delegates get the opportunity to discuss and argue topics that are important to them. Stefano Ierace from the Westside Family YMCA says, “in NIC, delegates are very passionate about the issues that they have been researching since before Training and Elections II. This being my first year in the program, I am really encouraged by all the amazing and creative ideas that delegates have to change the country in many ways. I definitely want to do it again next year, and I would recommend it to all future delegates.”

National Issues Commission is one of the most difficult and engaging program areas throughout the program.  It allows delegates to come up with many different bill ideas that are important to that specific delegate. Although it is a lot a work, it all pays off in the end.