Youth Governor Platform In Review

By: Kimia Idazinia and Sophia Hughes

Ariana Trujillo is currently the presiding Youth Governor of the 69th MLC. Delegates expressed their opinions on her three-part platform and her ability to fulfill he platform as Youth Governor.

Her platform’s parts include the following:

1. “Creating a movement of small but real world changes [including] legislative workshops, anyone and everyone can work with politicians to exchange and improve our ideas, and to find new ways of extending our ideas into real world action.”

2. “Uniting us including statewide mentorship program; forum and new-coming delegates will be paired or grouped with people that share their common interests so they can have a sense of guidance and support coming into the program.”

3. “Listening and supporting small delegations—open forums, and encouraging the creation of coalitions and sister delegations.”

However, delegates described her platform different from what she stated it was.

“Her platform is more based on immigration and social issues and making sure that all immigrants are more accommodated for,” said Jonathon Wang.

Trenton Rhodes described her platform as “inclusion of diversity, opportunity for all, and a safe environment for everyone to succeed.”

Some would say that the platform Ariana campaigned for has not but put to fruition due to difficulty carrying out everything in four days.

Many Youth Governors make campaign promises that they cannot follow through.

“It’s good to have a platform that’s feasible that you can actually carry out,” Megana Bobba said.

Youth Governors have to focus on certain issues when they are in the position. Bobba expressed how it’s important to focus on issues that resonate with people.

“I want more applicable planks to the actual program. I like those tangible things, we are the government at Youth and Government; I want a Youth Governor to have those tangible things,” Trenton Woods said.

Motivation and passion is important for a Youth Governor. Passion when speaking has been particularly important for delegates.

“Just stay motivated. Usually it’s hard under pressure, but to staying motivated and staying positive is important,” Coco Nakano said.

Staying positive has been a main driving factor to what attracts delegates to a good Youth Governor. Many delegates have expressed gratitude for Ariana’s attitude.

“I talked to Ariana when I ran for Governor’s cabinet, and she isn’t the most excited person all the time, but I can tell she really loves what she’s doing,” David Ragusa said.

Author: Kimia Izadinia

SVC/El Camino