Youth Governor Vetoes Bill Making California a Sanctuary State

Following the abrupt end of Ariana Trujillo’s governor position in the California Emergency Response Team simulation, her replacement, Youth Governor Ethan Harris, made his first executive action by vetoing bill 2001.

Bill 2001 was proposed by the California Emergency Team and would have been benefitted current illegal immigrants who feel threatened by the President of the United States’s previous threats of deportation. The bill would prevent all undocumented illegal immigrants from being reported to the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) if arrested. As the Youth Governor Ethan Harris put it, the bill would, “integrate them better into California’s Society.”

Youth Governor Harris vetoed the bill because of President Trump’s statement that he would stop all federal funding to California if California retaliated by making themselves a sanctuary state. Youth Governor Harris stated that he is attempting to protect California’s economy, government, and other aspects of  the state’s society by vetoing the bill.

California has provided approximately 13.5% of the country’s economy. By vetoing this bill, Youth Governor Harris believes that he is protecting not only the U.S.’s economic state, but also the global economy. California also receives approximately 25% of its state budget from the federal government according to Youth Governor Harris. By considering how much California relies on the federal funding, and how dependent the United States is on the success California’s economy, Youth Governor Harris believes that vetoing this bill is in California’s best interest.

Author: Sophia Hughes