Youth Governor’s Press Conference Recap

By Sophia Hughes and Kimia Izadinia

At her press conference on Saturday morning, Youth Governor Ariana Trujillo addressed the events that had occurred on Friday night regarding the actions of acting Youth Governor, Ethan Harris.

Harris is the current Lieutenant Governor and vetoed a bill making California a sanctuary state while he was Youth Governor.

When asked about her opinion on the bill that was vetoed, Trujillo said, “I wouldn’t have vetoed the bill, in fact, I went up to the Senate/Assembly chambers and I spoke pro on it. And so, I don’t believe that his veto was legitimate.”

Trujillo does not plan on taking this case to the Supreme Court yet. “We want to make sure that we are following all of the rules and procedures, so we’re going to have a Joint Rules Committee,” said Trujillo. “If they don’t disprove it, I can take it the court or we can pass it as an initiative with lobbyists.”

Ariana, however, is not disappointed with the performance of her temporary replacement, Ethan Harris. She is happy that he continues to be open to discussion regarding the bill.

Author: Sophia Hughes